Waterfront Classic Along Fraser River Exudes Refined Elegance and Stature


This Front Elevation of the stunning Fraser River Residence illustrates the unique lateral orientation of the low-slung property and elegant curved shingle roofs


This sweeping and elegant home on the Fraser Riverfront is proudly influenced by the great shingle-style waterfront homes of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. Blessed with an expansive frontage, this allowed us the luxury to stretch the home laterally across the site in a manner not often possible in the City. Exceptionally broad overhangs met with curved roof lines give the home a low-slung and grounded presence. The Fraser River Residence has at once great simplicity and stature, borne of the careful repetition of classically derived motifs and elemental forms. As with many of our projects at Peter Rose Architecture and Interiors Inc., the apparent formality of the exterior is belied by the open and breezy quality of the interior. This is a home completely designed around casual family living. Spaces flow gently from one to another, with subtle changes in ceiling height adding a sense of zone differentiation and a processional feeling of movement through the home.


The Rear of the Fraser River Residence with expanses of sliding doors & windows allows light into the interior, while enhancing the harmonious connection with the outdoors and the charming Fraser River View


Wide expanses of glass and banks of sliding doors that open up to 24 feet wide brighten the interior and connect the inside to the riverfront outside. This home lies within a unique Zoning District with it’s own “design guideline” wherein the architectural design must prove to be harmonious with it’s surroundings through a rigorous “design review” process. In this lengthy process approval of the proposed design must be sought from both City Planners and neighbours. This is a specialty of our firm… gaining the approval of disparate groups through great design and skillful communication.