Ultra Modern Gravity House “takes off” in the University Endowment Lands

The Gravity House’s dynamic inverted roof design playfully expresses ideas of flight that reach heavenward to touch the sky.


Located at the University Endowment Lands, the ”Gravity House” utilizes an inverted roof design to playfully express ideas of flight and reaching skyward. By allowing rain to be caught in its inverted slopes, water is diverted to the centre of the roof.

The side elevation of the ‘Gravity House’ clearly shows the inverted slopes of the elegant ‘butterfly’ roof that give the property a bold and distinctively modern character.


Once caught, it flows to protruding beams at either ends to be channeled ceremonially down decorative rain chains to the ground. Conversely, sunny days allow light to penetrate throughout the house while allowing the roof to hover.


The rear elevation shows the “openable corner” that extends from the Family Room out onto the elegant wrap around patio and fully workable back yard.


One of the primary challenges faced by Peter Rose Architecture + Interiors Inc. was making optimal use of the site, an odd triangular shaped lot. This problem was overcome by the introduction of an “openable corner” from the main Family Room along with a spacious wrap around patio, providing the client with an elegant space to entertain and have full use of the backyard.


The front facade of the recently completed ‘Gravity House’- this ultra modern luxury home now graces the University Endowment Lands with its grand presence.


The sense of lightness and space is felt throughout the home, enhanced by the introduction of other unique features including the large central skylight that draws light to the middle of the house, and the strategic use of the terrace to act as the roof of the basement.  A delightful case of modern expression in flight!