December 2015

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Exquisite quality stone creates a border to represent water around the main living areas, representing the presence of “Health and Wealth” in the brand new home.

This interior space exudes elegant simplicity at the Angus Estate, a 10,000 sq foot luxury home located in Shaughnessy, Vancouver, one of Peter Rose Architecture+Interiors Inc.’s recent Interior Design projects. The design concept is neither ‘modern’ or minimalist, but celebrates refined Classicism inspired by the best in the Art Deco tradition. Clean straight lines are adopted with minimal ornamentation, resulting in a five-star luxury that radiates throughout the home. One of the unique and culturally sensitive features of the home is the incorporation of a stone perimeter representing ‘water’ to suggest the presence of “Health and Wealth” entering the home.  An exquisite quality stone applied under the home’s window sills to represent water is used to create a border along the main living areas and form a unique moat or perimeter river bed that flows throughout the house.

The inclusion of original commissioned artwork by a local artist gives a colorful focus to the Classically inspired Grand Living Area

The property’s original low ceiling posed a challenge in the renovation, but has been overcome with use of low baseboard heights and minimal ceiling drops to help create a sense of height and lightness in the Grand Living space. Interior casings, baseboard and trim add to a vocabulary that is consistent throughout the home interior and is in harmony with the overall clean aesthetic. To brighten up the Main Living area, a renowned local artist has been commissioned to produce exclusive artwork pieces specifically tailored to the style and aesthetic of the home decor and home’s owner. The well appointed furnishings and classical clean lines of this palatial home are a grand celebration of refined Classicism, Health and Wealth, to reflect a grand home and owner with luxurious style and discerning taste.